Thank you for contacting Central PA Jedi Sith Alliance about your event. CPJSA is available for costumed appearances and lightsaber performances throughout Pennsylvania.

Members pose for pictures at the Lancaster Barnstormers

Please understand that we are unable to appear at political or religious events, we are not a “performers for hire” business, and we do not accept payment for appearances. CPJSA is instead a volunteer organization, whose members choose to give their time to charity and their communities through our costuming and performance hobby. (If you would like to make a donation to a charity in our name, in lieu of payment, please contact us for recommendations.)

Due to the volume of events we receive and the availability of active members in your area, not all events can be fulfilled. We will make every effort to forward your request to our membership, but events with short notice may not be approved due to scheduling conflicts. Note that ideally requests should be made at least 2 months prior to your event in order to be considered.

We use our events to raise money for charity, help our community, and recruit members. Unfortunately, this may limit some types of smaller events that we can attend. Family celebrations such as birthday parties, weddings, etc. do not usually fit our purpose. If you feel your celebration is unusual and may fit our purpose in some way, please email the club at to discuss your situation.

CPJSA is based in Harrisburg, PA and traditionally covers events throughout Central Pennsylvania. While not a limitation, as a general rule of thumb CPAJSA has traveled as far east as Philadelphia, as far south as northern Maryland, as far north as Bloomsburg, and as far west as Altoona and Johnstown. If your event lies outside this area, we may refer you to another not-for-profit lightsaber choreography and performance organization.

We are a group of volunteers and our services are available free of charge. There are however some concessions we request to ensure our safety as well as others.

  • Safe performance area Safety is our first and foremost priority. What we do is potentially dangerous. If there is not a safe area to perform, WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT PERFORM. A safe area is one with adequate space, a defined outline, and free of obstacles.
  • Private and secure area to change and store belongings
  • Drinking Water (a cooler with individual cups, or bottles)
  • Food (snacks for shorter events, meals for long events that continue over traditional mealtimes)
  • Parking (free with reasonable access to the performance area)
  • Free Admission

Because CPJSA is recognized by Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, certain types of events must be reviewed by Lucasfilm. Proper licensing needs to be acquired for use of the “Star Wars” brand, which is normally provided formally through Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC. Please understand that CPAJSA has no control over this process and cannot attend an event if the proper protocol is not followed.

The following events will warrant Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC review:

  • Events billed specifically as a “Star Wars” event.
  • Events hosted by a minor/major league sports team.
  • Events held at a retail venue.
  • Events of a commercial nature.
  • Events associated with a convention or that involve convention appearances.
Battle at the Lancaster Science Factory
Battle at the Lancaster Science Factory

If your event falls into the categories listed above or we feel that your event may warrant it, we will forward your submission to the proper contacts at Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC and they will be in contact with you shortly to discuss our involvement.

Our association with Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC will generally have no effect on any charity events, hospital visits, charity walks and/or parades that take place locally. Our small, community events and fundraising opportunities will usually not need to go through the process of being reviewed by Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC. Lucasfilm may, however, intervene at any time if they so choose.

We look forward to working with you!!

To Request an Appearance

Please fill out the form below.

Event Request Form
Use this form to request an appearance at your event.
Name of main contact person for our club.
Main contact person’s phone number
Main contact person’s email.
Event hosting organization
Phone number for organization. Preferably one that will be answered on the day of the event and at the event location.
Include all dates for multiple day events.
Include start and end times. If more space is needed use the “Additional Information” section.
This is for the physical location of the event. Please do not use PO boxes or off site office address.
Please include a short description of your event, any charities you may be working with, elaborate on interactions you are requesting of our costumed characters, and other information you think may be helpful to us.

If you wish to have any of the other LFL costuming clubs attend your event in the Central PA area, please follow the appropriate link and request their appearance as well as the Central PA Jedi Sith Alliance.

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