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9/10/2022- Might River Band Presents: Camp Along the River @ Fort Halifax, Halifax PA

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Halifax Event

Date: 09/10/2022

Time: 12pm-10pm

Arrival: As early as 2pm

Location: Halifax, Pennsylvania

Type: Performance: Pocket fights, Padawan Training, Fight 101

RSVP: 9/3/22

Additional Information:

This event seems to be for a Grateful Dead cover band, The Mighty River Band (They're are amazing). We were asked to light up the show once it gets dark and perform a brawl of fights. The show(s) we would be doing would be pocket fights for the show itself and Padawan Training/Fight 101 in-between arrival and start of the show. We are also supposedly being donated to as a club for attending this event so we need to put off a good performance. Those who voted yes in the poll, I have you listed as going. If you have any questions, please let me know.

01. Nick Marquette - Generic Jedi (POC)
02. Cindy Hanwell - Generic Sith
03. Tracey Hanwell - Generic Jedi or Princess Leia - A New Hope
04. Michael Spankuch - Generic Jedi 
05. Andrew Rinier - Generic Sith or Phantom Menace Maul
06. Curtis Lenker - Generic Sith 
07. Diana Artz - Generic Jedi
08. Eryka Ward - Generic Jedi 
09. David Doughty - Generic Jedi or Obi-wan
10. Jon Clark - Generic Sith
11. Jason Baker - Generic Jedi
12. Tristan Baker - Generic Jedi
13. Robin Betts - Generic Jedi

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I would like to go

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I am a maybe, I will know for certain closer to the event.

Generic Sith

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I'll be there


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